What is the Age Limit For Braces?

Braces are not just for kids. You might have seen many teens with metal wires on their teeth, but did you know that more and more adults are getting braces too? 

Braces can help you improve your smile, oral health, and confidence. But is there an age limit for braces? Can you be too young or too old to get them? What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting braces at different stages of life? And how do you decide if braces are right for you? 

We will be diving deep to answer the question and making sure when you finish reading you have a general idea about “If there’s an age limit for getting braces”.


What Do Braces Do?

Before we dive deep into the topic, we must first understand the goal of braces. The main purpose of braces is to fix things known as malocclusion. Occlusions refer to the way your upper and lower teeth fit together. With correct occlusion, your upper teeth fit slightly over your lower teeth. Therefore, malocclusion refers to an irregular bite, and that’s when you need orthodontic treatment like braces. 

Age & Braces? What is the relationship?

You might have seen loads of kids having braces more than adults. But why? It mainly comes down to the fact that our facial bone undergoes continuous changes when we are young.

However, in some cases, the kids need help from the orthodontist to inspect their teeth and make sure everything is looking as it should. Ensure the dentist sees your child yearly to check on their oral health. 


The Best Age for Getting Braces on Your Teeth

You have most likely heard the myth “Only when you’re an adult can you have braces”. Well, that’s not true! Braces are not just for adults, they can also be for kids. To make it short for you, there’s no age limit for braces! You can have braces whenever you want to (at least in most cases) 


What Makes Braces for Children and Adults Different?

Braces for children and adults are not very different in how they work. That is because each brace is customized to fit the individual patient, so no two braces are exactly alike. 

However, there are various options for braces, such as Invisalign, lingual braces, metal braces, ceramic braces, and retainers, but the method of applying them is largely the same for every patient.

How Braces Affect Your Mind and Mood

Braces may not differ much in their application, but they can have different psychological effects on people. For instance, getting braces as a child can be a mixed experience, depending on how your child feels about it. Some children may be worried about getting braces and dentist visits, while others may see it as a chance to enhance their facial appearance.

Teenagers face more challenges as they care more about their appearance. They know that braces will improve their smile in the long term, but they may not like having them in the short term. That is why Invisalign is becoming more and more popular among teenagers. They are clear and discreet, so they make braces more attractive.

However, your orthodontist will have the final say on the best treatment for you.

How Much Do Braces Cost at Different Stages of Life?

Braces are priced based on how many adjustments they need, so there is no set price. It also varies depending on how long you need to wear them and how often they need to be adjusted. 

Usually, braces for adults are more expensive because they take more time to work. This is because adults have more issues with their mouths, such as gum disease, weak roots, and other age-related factors. Children’s teeth are easier to move because they are still growing. That means braces work faster for them.

The price of your braces depends on the condition of your mouth. But in most cases, braces for adults are pricier.


What You Need To Know Before Getting Braces

Braces are not only for children or teenagers. You can get them at any age if your teeth and gums are healthy. 

But before you decide to get braces, you should research and compare different options. You can then book a consultation with an orthodontist, who will examine your mouth and bite using X-rays and other tools. 

The consultation is the first step of your journey to a better smile and oral health. Your orthodontist will explain everything you need to know about getting braces and answer any questions or doubts. Getting braces is a big decision, but you don’t have to worry.

If your child is nervous about getting braces, don’t worry. Our team of experts in pediatric dentistry will make sure that your child feels comfortable and confident throughout the process.

To learn more about cleaning your teeth and other dental treatments available, we welcome you to book an appointment with Alsafwa Medical Center. We provide a comprehensive choice of general dentistry treatments to restore and maintain good oral health.

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